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Florida State Certified Home Inspectors HI291
NACHI 10122803 Inspectors
Certified Master Inspector
Frederick L. & Sharron E. Semon Sr.
1050 Western Blvd
Lake Placid Florida 33852
Tel: 863-465-9762
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Cherokee Home Inspections, Inc. is a full service home inspection company covering Highlands County and South Central Florida. We are the oldest established Inspection Company in Highlands County. Licensed, bonded, and Certified in Home Inspections.  

We are FEMA Inspectors, My Safe Florida Inspectors, & FHA approved Q174 Inspectors. Plus we are now Toxic Chinese Drywall Inspectors! Certification #TDFL-011.

Professional inspections are performed according to the Cherokee Home Inspection Contract. Legal requirements for home inspectors are set forth in Florida Statue 501.214. When feasible, we recommend that the buyer accompany the inspector to see for themselves any problems that were found and to ask questions of the inspector. Our inspection report is presented to the buyer within two days of the inspection.

Cherokee Home Inspections works exclusively and independently for the buyer. We want to help our buyer make the right decision to purchase or not to purchase based on our findings at time of inspection.

Our office is located in our home for our buyers and Realtors convenience. We welcome calls in the evening and weekends.

Our scope of inspections covers:
Air Conditioning/Heat
Exterior Foundation
Garage/Exterior Buildings
Pools & Spas
About Cherokee Home Inspections.

Cherokee Home Inspections has been in Highlands County since 1990, building our own home that is in the picture and there are many others we have built in this county. We also built the Heartland Hospital, Lake Shore Mall and Lykes Building. We started in the construction ( all phases ) but becoming a Lather in Miami in 1964 with a 4 year apprenticeship and continuing education now in construction and home inspections.

We are members of SBCCI, Lake Placid Chamber of Commerce, Greater Sebring Chamber of Commerce, Sebring Board of Realtors, ITA & FABI. We continue to take seminars and classes to keep us informed on all new changes in the building trades.

Why You Should Be Present During Your Home Inspection
An Interview with Sharron Semon
Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.
We're a home and insurance inspecting company. Buying a home can be a costly venture. So we're there to make sure there are no hidden costs. As for insurance, we help make sure you get your discounts. Always remember: Buyer Beware. You hire us to protect you and your investment.
About how many clients would you estimate are present while you're inspecting their home?
We always try and get our buyers and both realtors. This way if there is a problem we can show everyone and discuss how serious or costly it can be, being builders helps a lot.
What do you consider some of the biggest benefits of being there during a home inspection?
Once again, everyone knows what will be on that report when they leave. Nothing is hidden, and everything can be shown and explained.
Are people allowed to accompany you during the entire inspection? When should or can they ask questions?
We always have our buyers present and ask that they not only ask questions, but also open, close, turn on, turn off. Know your house and always ask questions during, after and before closing.
Do you have any examples of a client who saved money or had a beneficial outcome because he/she was there during a home inspection?
Oh yes, several actually! We even suggest, as on a bad roof, don't walk away. Split the cost. No matter what, that roof needs taken care of before a sell.
What advice do you have for people in Florida who can't be present during a home inspection?
Have someone there to represent your interests. If you have trust and faith in your realtor make sure they attend your home inspection. We will also email and call our buyer and tell them our findings and suggest how to handle it.
What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?
They can call or email. We're always here to answer questions or help in any way we can. We have to attend on-the-job training every year and have since 1972.